Who are you?

We’re a team of two professionally-trained, fine-art and documentary photographers.

Rohit is a visual artist and writer who spent several years travelling across India and making images professionally before moving to San Francisco to do his masters in Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Varun is a photographer and film-maker who spent years developing documentary and personal projects that deal with urban youth culture and its changing face in Chennai. He then left to London to study photography at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

After moving back to India around the same time, we decided to team up, bringing our tastes and sensibilities to how wedding stories are told in the country.


Why should I hire you?

As photographers and film-makers who take our personal work extremely seriously, we are able to bring our joys and love for the visual arts to all the work that we do. The work that we’ve done ranges from fashion and documentary photography to fine art films and music videos. Our work has been displayed in galleries in India, the US and the UK. We spend our spare time dabbling in antique, old-school photographic processes and building on our artistic practices. We even run a community darkroom out of our studio! When you hire us, you get more than just two wedding photographers; you get artists and craftsmen, impassioned and backed by the force of our varied tastes and diverse experiences.


How much do you charge?

Our wedding packages start at Rs. 3 Lakhs. Giving us information about dates, venues and specific requirements/requests will help us give you a more accurate quote.


Can I ask for specific shots or poses?

Definitely. No problem. We are open to listening to your requirements and will always help you towards getting exactly what you want.


Is it okay to have other photographers present at the same time?

It depends. We do only candid work, so if you have a requirement for the traditional type of photography as well, then sure. But you should be prepared to see other photographers pop up in a few of the photos we give you. Sometimes traditional photographers will interrupt the flow of the event and ruin really great moments (we've experienced all of this), so there is a point where it really becomes a nuisance. A great way to tackle this issue is by hiring a traditional photographer to only do group portraits and on-stage portraits once the main events are finished. This allows us do our best without anybody getting in our way, and it works similarly for them as well.


When should I make the advance and final payments?

A 50% advance payment confirms your booking. You can do this whenever you're ready to commit, no pressure. But we cannot block your dates before your official confirmation, and as other enquiries come in, we will have to consider them as well. Of course, if another enquiry does come in for the same dates as your's we will first inform you and allow you to confirm with us before we reply to the second enquiry.

You can make the balance payment once we make the digital delivery of your images. After this, we will start working on your photobook and you’ll be able to choose the pictures you definitely want in it.


How soon will you deliver the images/film?

We usually take about one month for photographs and two months for films. This is an average figure and sometimes, depending on our schedule, we might take shorter or longer than the specified time. We will keep in contact with you through the process so that you will not be left wondering what happened to your images and film.


How many pictures will I get?

This is a difficult question for us to answer because we don’t believe in delivering a specific number of images. We believe in giving you the best images that tell your wedding story. The number of photographs varies wildly from wedding to wedding. An average would be around 250-400 photographs for a two-three day wedding.