We’re a team of two professionally-trained, fine-art and documentary photographers. Working in the moment is our lifeblood. We love photography, music, design and the thrill of everything ephemeral. Typically, both of us focus on different aspects of the wedding that we’re covering so we can capture as wide a range of special moments as possible. As the size of the wedding grows, we add more photographers that we’ve partnered with so we can do justice to the scale of the events that we cover. We handle all of the post-processing ourselves, so you can expect consistency in style, sensibility and presentation.



Be it a five-day palatial extravaganza, or an intimate ceremony at home, every wedding has its story. We make films where the story is king, wrapped in the warmth of beautiful photography. We believe that weddings are inherently beautiful and the film has to do something that the photographs don't. The photographs are a great montage of the wedding, so the film needs to be something more. The medium is a confluence of photography, words and music and it gives us the opportunity to elevate your story into a dynamic, emotional and moving piece of art.


Photo Books

Albums are so last decade. We work with a book maker based in San Francisco to produce high-quality hardbound photobooks in a variety of shapes, sizes and substrates. The options are endless, from luxury linen and faux-leather covers, to image wraps, to papers of various weights, sizes and surfaces. And guess what? You get one copy of your painstakingly-designed photo book included in the basic package! You also have the option to order as many copies as you’d like and we can have it shipped anywhere in the world. Have a dear uncle who missed your wedding and cannot forgive himself for it? Send him a copy!


Would you like something a little less fancy? If you're ordering multiple copies and want something a little more cost effective, we have you covered. Our printing partner in Bangalore can handle most common needs and we love their product!


Want something a little more fancy? We hand-make luxurious photo books using exhibition-grade, acid-free cotton rag paper. All our processes are archival. We use the highest quality proofing printers and inks. If you’ve visited us at our studio or seen our work in an exhibition, these are the types of prints you’ve probably seen.


Nothing is more important to us than quality, so we handle the design of the book entirely on our own. You get the same quality of design and the benefit of our years of sequencing images no matter your choice of final photobook.


Fine-Art Prints

We love prints. We love the way the light falls on them, we love the way they feel in our hands, we love the smell of paper, and we love putting them on all our walls. In this digital era of social media and small screens, the art of the print has drowned in all the noise. But it hasn’t lost its voice. We can make beautiful archival prints of any of the images you choose to have printed. We can also deliver them framed and ready to hang. Want to create an installation of prints for your new home? Oh how we love doing just that! Be sure to ask us about this!


Digital Delivery

Welcome to the future! As a part of our package, you get a dedicated online photo gallery that’s beautifully designed and uniquely your own. We make it easy to share your images on the social media platform of your choice. Photographs are sorted by event and sequenced by time. Albums can be instantly downloaded by anybody (who you choose to share a unique guest password with). No more burning DVDs, no more lost USB drives. Your personalised online gallery also looks great on mobile!

Click here to view a sample gallery!

How it works: Every client gets a password-protected photo album with a curated set that spans all of the events we covered. Clients are given a secondary guest-access password that they can share with family, friends and just about anybody. Guests can view only pre-approved photographs using their password. Don’t want to share private moments or behind-the-scenes photographs? No problem.



You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We love what we do and we really want to provide the best service your money can buy. We believe in our product and we try to provide the kind of service that lives up to it. We will work closely with you every step of the way and we will be as flexible as possible through the entire process.



We respect your privacy. Despite the rights granted to us by copyright laws, images with persons in them cannot and will not be used by us, commercially, without a model-release document signed by all parties pictured in the photograph. However, we do use a small number of photographs and films we make on our website and social media pages for the promotion of our business. If complete anonymity and privacy is a requirement for you, please talk to us about this. We understand some clients require absolute privacy, and we have unique packages that reflect this.


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We Meet

We’d like to meet you at least once before we bring our big cameras out of our bags. It breaks the ice, it gives us all the opportunity to grow comfortable with each other, and we’re friends when the big day comes. This is also when we compare notes and mark the dates on our calendars.



We set ourselves the perfect date for the pre/post-wedding portrait shoot. No pun intended. This can be on location, in the case of a destination wedding; at home, if that’s your special place; at the cafe where the two of you first met; or even on a yacht out in the middle of the ocean! We leave this up to you because it’s always special when the location is meaningful to you. However, if you have no preference, or would simply like to leave it to us, we’ll find the perfect place for you.


The Big Day

The big day is here. We’ll worry about this one. We know you have things to do.



In two weeks, we will deliver all the photographs to you in a beautiful web page that’s fully private and just yours to enjoy. This page will be completely private (yes, really) and password-protected. You can share either all the albums within this page or just specific albums of your choice with your family and friends using a special guest access password. You get access to everything, of course. From this website you can also share directly to all the popular social networks. You can also easily select your favourites on this website by clicking on the heart symbol and we will make sure we include those photos in your personally crafted wedding photobook. We also try to meet at least once before we create the book so we can include all the right images and get it just right.  A few short weeks later, we will deliver the book to your address anywhere in the world.


We're all done!

Yup! Let’s go out for drinks!


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